The New and Improved Inertia HQ

So, it’s been awhile. I honestly thought we’d maintain at least one blog a week but alas it seems that life can often get in the way of this 5-9 job. A lot has happened since the last post, namely outside of the realm of Inertia and this has inevitably impacted on progress in some respects, but this crazy train called life seems to have settled on to a straight and narrow track for now so Inertia has full attention.

That’s not to say that there hasn’t been progress; far from it. The TV series we’re looking at developing (more info on that soon) has come on leaps and bounds and the pilot is pretty much ready to go save for a few tweaks; our (intended) first feature film is ready for the third (and hopefully final) draft within the next month; but most importantly, the new Inertia HQ is now ready.

Calm down and get off that soapbox – there’s no ‘official’ HQ as such, there’s no little first premises or place to call our own but still, it’s going to serve its purpose. And this really is the point of this blog post (if there ever should be a point to mind-vomit) – to show you, the one person reading this blog with only a vague interest in Inertia – the base of operation, the home of heroes, the quintessential hub of ingenuity! Or, more traditionally, the spare room of my house.

In all seriousness, I’ve always had an interest in the places that writers do their thing. Writing is such an enjoyable but at the same time such a difficult, intense and often disappointing experience. It takes a lot to sit down and cut off all distractions and potential possibilities for procrastination and put all of your focus into creating something out of nothing and it’s always been something that’s interested me when reading about some of my favourite writers – what does their space look like? To a writer it’s somewhere you’ve got to be able to sit day after day and go through the motions of your ideas so it needs to be a creative space, so I’ve decided to surround mine with books to make me look more intelligent than I am and posters of films that inspire me so that I can look at them and hope that one day I’ll make a film with even a scratch of their genius.

This is the third place in which I’ve had my own writing space and it seems to have developed drastically. It started off in my small bedroom at my parents’ house where I wrote my first ever scripts – the first draft of The Common Room, the first draft of World’s End as well as various short films and stories – I was surrounded at every turn by books and DVD’s, and though that was cramped it was inspiring and I’ll never forget it as my first ever space.


The second place was the spare room of my very first flat, which became slightly less cluttered but was still a tight environment, again surrounded by the things that both make me look intelligent and inspire me. Second drafts, hardcore edits and first drafts of new ideas took place here but I never seemed to get the right buzz from it – mainly because when it came to the winter the small electric heater in there did not suffice to warm my cheeks and keep me focussed (NB: On a personal note never EVER choose a flat with electric heating, it is the work of the devil and whoever invented the very idea of storage heaters obviously lived backwards). But again, it’ll go down in my personal history as my first writing space in my first place away from home.


And so we come to this new writing space, which has strangely become less cluttered and more organised (within reason). I still have the same posters and books around me but the whole feel of the space is different; it’s better. So though as I write this blog in this writing space I cannot say for certain what it will go down as in my personal history before moving on to the next one (though hopefully not for a bloody long time!), I can say that it’s intended to be the place where Inertia’s history truly begins. I am more determined than ever to make sure that something becomes or begins to become (?) of Inertia through sitting here, shutting out the world save for a cup of tea and a piss, and completing the drafts of ideas that initially began at home and developing new ideas as they come to me here.


There’s still eight full months of this year left to tackle, and though I’m sure that life in all of it’s crazy glory will get in the way with such mundane tasks as washing and ironing, focus will be given to our ideas in order to ensure that by the end of 2012 Inertia Pictures will be on more people’s lips. There’s a new website coming soon, partly thanks to Microsoft Office switching from small business to Office 365 enabling us to sdfdfdhsfosfsdobn – sorry I just fell asleep on the keyboard there. The new website will be hosting more material but the blog will always be used to pour out the inner ramblings of our respective minds. We’re planning on having the long-standing ideas completed and ready to send as well as building our business plan and – fingers, toes, balls and nose crossed – shooting a short promo film to support the sale of World’s End. As ever the blog will be used to keep whoever out there in the ether that cares updated, and we’ll have some blogs coming soon breaking down the writing process of World’s End as well as run-down of the ideas in mind. But until then, stay safe and stay classy, San Diego.



5 thoughts on “The New and Improved Inertia HQ

  1. It’s so important to have a creative space that works, mine really isn’t working at the moment as it’s so full of junk! Your neat room has inspired me to sort my little room out a bit, I must get rid of the broken shredders at least! And buy a proper chair.

    1. I’ve got to be honest, it’s not always that tidy! When I’m in the thick of writing it’s often covered in reams of paper, books and mugs and I resemble Jack in The Shining! Good to know that it’s inspired you though, how many shredders have you been through though?!

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