2012: An Inertia Odyssey

2012 – The Queen’s Jubilee. London Olympics. Euro 2012. Avengers Assemble. The Dark Knight Rises. Gangnam Style. Inertia Pictures? Not yet. It’s been an exciting and historic year for the world (that didn’t end) and though Inertia didn’t quite manage to produce something to smash box office records, we’ve still had a good year. This is the first year we will be using the blog to post an honest and frank review of our year. Usually at this point of the New Year we’ve combed through the previous year’s triumphs and tribulations, our successes and our failures, and we set aside a number of goals for the year ahead. It’s safe to say that with anything you’re passionate about that you have to build around your normal 9-5 lifestyle, there are going to be a few boxes that are un-ticked at the end of the year. Happily we can say that with each passing year there are more ticked boxes in our eternal to-do list, even though if, now and again, it does feel like time is running out. So we’ve repeated our actions of separating the good from the bad and used our perception to reflect on some of the decisions we have made this year. We have a fresh list for 2013 which is already under way. Posting it on here for as many people as possible to see is an extra motivator – we have been realistic about our targets and by making them public we are motivating ourselves to ensure that our current and future audience can see that, at the end of 2013, our hard work and determination has paid off some more and we are one step closer to our end game. Or maybe even there – who knows.

But first, hindsight is required. Versus 2011, 2012 has been a successful year. We’ve built upon our accomplishments, doubled our writing output and reduced our number of unachieved targets. We’ve also worked on the business side of Inertia and have now cemented our marketing strategy. In brief, here is a rundown of our achievements in 2012:

  • World’s End final draft was completed and submitted to BBC Writersroom for their Autumn submissions;
  • No Ordinary Thing was started and so far 143 pages of the first draft have been completed;
  • Auf Wiederseh’n, Sweetheart first draft was started and partly written in the location where it is to be set;
  • World’s End accompanying short film script was written and completed;
  • Artifice story arc written and completed – ready for first draft;
  • World’s End concept art designed – currently in process with an artist;
  • Inertia Pictures website completely re-designed with new features and links to the blog/Facebook page;
  • Inertia Pictures slogan finalised – ‘Ingredients: Passion. Competence. Humility. Add salt to taste.’
  • Business cards designed;
  • New Inertia Pictures merchandise ordered including mugs, pens, keyrings, notepads and t-shirts for use with promotions/networking;
  • More active use of the Inertia Facebook page, posting links to the blog, industry-related content and a ‘What We Did This Week’ photo panel;
  • Filmed an art installation, ‘Synesthesia’.

Luckily our achievements outweigh our failures (for want of a better word) but they will always weigh heavier on the next year as well as working as a motivator. The attempt was to have completed the No Ordinary Thing first draft as well as The Wingman first draft; we also aimed to have Auf Wiederseh’n, Sweetheart completed and Gretna in process ready to write. There will always be events that occur in the day to day life that affect the progress of our projects, and it has been one of those years. So though we carry over more work, we are more determined than ever to see a completed definitive list at the end of 2013.

Resolutions - Calvin Hobbes

We’ve noticed over the years how our target list becomes more defined. There used to be a time when in-depth and unachievable targets were set with the idea that 12 months is a long time. Though it is, we understand now that the majority of that is consumed by other necessities that are essential to Inertia’s survival but that don’t directly progress us forward. So our 2013 list is probably our leanest  and finest yet – like a fine steak, like Bradley Cooper’s chiselled physique, like Zooey Deschanel’s sea blue eyes – it’s attainable if we work hard enough for it. It’s one that focuses on our main projects. Not the specifics of them but the projects as a whole – as long as we can achieve completion at various stages with all of them we are on our way to having a greater portfolio to show to potential investors. So now we outline it to you, our audience: the Inertia Pictures 2013 Definitive Hit List, a short but meaty list of targets for us to achieve in the year that was never meant to be (crafty Mayans):

  1. No Ordinary Thing – Completed script ready to market;
  2. The Wingman – Completed script ready to market;
  3. World’s End – Continue to send to agents/production companies. Look into self-funding;
  4. Auf Wiederseh’n, Sweetheart – Completed script ready to market;
  5. Gretna – Completed script ready to market;
  6. Market Inertia – Networking events, active Facebook page advertising, promotion and active use of the blog, agents and producers target list created (that sounds ominous; it’s not).

And with that, the New Year starts. No Ordinary Thing is already under way and the first draft will be nearing completion by the end of January. Auf Wiederseh’n, Sweetheart will commence from February and finish at the beginning of March when we visit the place that the film is set in. Our marketing strategy has developed and there will be more about that in our next blog post. So stick with us if you will and hopefully witness with us the start of something new and exciting.

Happy New Year.



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