All Time Top 5: Film Blogs

The internet is a big place. It is a vast, timeless and endless miasma. It can connect countries thousands of miles apart in just milliseconds. We have a plethora of information and knowledge at our fingertips that we carry around by the use of small devices. And we use it to watch a baby monkey riding backwards on a pig.

All is not lost though. With the advent of the internet comes the freedom for anyone with a broadband connection and half an idea to wax and muse on their preferred subject (we’re looking internally here…). A blog is a great idea – the inner thoughts and opinions of someone that is deeply passionate about a chosen subject or just wants to share their life with others out there. For every subject there are thousands of blogs and though I haven’t read all of them, I’ve been hooked and glued to the following five. In the spirit of High Fidelity, these are the Inertia All Time Top 5 Film Blogs (not in any particular order).


This is an out and out blog for film reviews. Nearly every new release you can think of is reviewed and talked about and there’s an extensive back catalogue of reviews for previous releases both commercial as well as those gems that often slip under the radar. The reviews are extensive and professional without requiring a thesaurus; they’re short but well-balanced providing you with all of the necessary information. The opinion of the writer is not enforced but the reviews are still personable. What’s impressive to me is that it’s written by a 23-year old student who has built himself a great CV by working hard and writing passionately about what he loves. The opportunities he has had as a result of his film writing is inspiring and has put the idea of a blog to fantastic use. I see a big future for this guy.

Follow the author on Twitter @jamieneish


Author Steve Exeter’s ‘Online Inquirer’ blog is a unique film blog. Along with reviewing a wide variety of films from general releases to cult classics, he also delves into the careers of prolific filmmakers and actors suchs as Woody Allen, Jack Lemmon and Alfred Hitchcock. It is a personable take on the films of these legends but one you can instantly associate with. Also unique and a major advantage to any aspiring filmmakers out there is the page where Steve makes available his screenplays. Not only is he a film reviewer and enthusiast, he is also very much a part of this world.

Follow the author on Twitter @online_inquirer


From Page 2 Screen is written by Stuart, a huge film enthusiast that has seen and written about thousands of films. What struck me first when I started reading about this blog and what I love about it the most is the enthusiasm with which he writes about the films he’s seen. It is a passion for film that is evident in his write up and his praise for the people behind it. I’ve never wanted to see so many films – either for the first time or again – as I have when reading this blog. There is so much love for the world of film in this blog it is refreshing to see such a balance of passion and skilled critiquing. What I also find admirable is the concentration and focus on British film in particular. We have such an incredible industry that is vastly over looked even in our own country, but this blog highlights the importance of British film and the talent that we’ve produced. Featuring interviews with writers, actors, producers and directors, the blog provides a refreshing insight into the machinations of the British film industry and those working hard to put it firmly on the map, including the work of this blog.

Follow the author on Twitter @frompage2screen


Another blog from a young talent, Jack Miller’s page is an amalgamation of all that is great about film critiquing and blogging. Reviewing films both new and old, this blog sensibly analyses film with a film studies perspective but it eschews any confusion by keeping it real. It’s a critique by someone that loves and has studied film but doesn’t confuse the reader. It’s straight down the line, written as though they could appear in any film critique book gracing the shelves of Waterstones or the liner notes of a DVD. It also analyses past films by devling deeper into them and asking questions, taking them apart constructively and analytically. Similar to ‘From Page 2 Screen’, this blog has a focus on British Independent Film; on broadcasting to a wider audience the content our industry is producing and releasing. It features Q&A’s with the films’ producers, writers and directors so that the audience have further insight into the ideas behind the films without giving too much away. It is a sensible, well-written blog by another young talent that has a very prosperous career ahead of him.

Follow the author on Twitter – @jackwmillerfilm


First off, I love the title. It’s a title that says, ‘We know there’s loads of others out there. It’s cool. We’re just part of the pack.’ Yet this blog, like the others I’ve reviewed, really stands out. It has a wealth of information with content updated daily: As well as reviewing new release films, it has a section focussing on updates in the film world from new release trailers and poster art to rumours and new commissions. The ‘Random Thinkings’ section asks questions inspired by films as well as sharing links to similar essays on other film blog sites. It has a ‘Movie of the Day’ section where a new film from anywhere in the film lexicon is discussed and reviewed. It has a host of authors that contribute fantastic content that across the board cover all things film. It is literally an orgasmic smorgasbord of everything a film fan loves. And the incredible thing? The blog has been running for just over a month. A month. It has risen to be a major uk film blog in little over a month which is testament to the creators and the authors that contribute. It just proves that when you have the passion and determination to do something you love, the reward is worthy. I can’t wait to see what other great things come of this blog.

Follow the authors and blog on Twitter – @GenericMovBlog @kathrynmoir @jamiehuggett

These guys are keeping me glued at the moment and I hope you find them as entertaining as I have. Follow them on Twitter, read the blogs, share the shit out of them and in the process discover new ones. Like anything the internet creates there will no doubt be blogs I’ve missed or I’m yet to discover. In true internet style I may have my Mother talked about in a derogatory manner and my sexuality questioned for getting some bits wrong but hey, the internet is the greatest platform for freedom of speech, so CONTENT REMOVED BY WORDPRESS.



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  1. Thank you so much for including us in your list. We’re so happy that you like the site, and hope you continue to be glued! Really appreciate the support.

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