New Year’s Revolution

Well what a year that was, eh?

I was going to post my annual tradition of reviewing the year at Inertia HQ highlighting the good, the bad and the ugly of all that came through our proverbial doors. But one thing I’ve learnt this year is to never look back; don’t dwell on what did or didn’t happen. Instead take positives from all situations and simply move forward. Life is just too fucking short to sit and stew on something that’s been and gone. Deal with what you have now and use that for the future. I made new ground with Inertia in 2013: I wrote for The Guardian, I joined a great team on a popular movie blog writing about all things movies, and I joined a community group to help stage a food and film festival, organising and co-ordinating a short film competition amongst others. On the flipside, I also left scripts behind and did not dedicate enough time or energy to any of my writing projects. Particularly towards the end of the year they fell by the wayside completely and my target of completing scripts in 2013 went from three to zero. But shit happens; in fact a lot of shit happened and though it took me right to the bottom I made it back out again. Through sheer determination and the unwavering support of a few special people – one in particular – I’m back on form. I’m not going to say that ‘2014 is going to be the year for me’ because I can say from first-hand experience that a metric-tonne of shit can land at your feet one seemingly sunny afternoon and bring everything to a grinding halt. No, instead I’m prepared. I have my informal list of targets for this coming year, some of which take priority above others and I strongly believe that with persistence and vigour I’ll see them through from inception to completion. There will also be more blog posts, from the continued ‘Legends’ series to anything else that comes to mind, as well as more posts for Generic Movie and TV.

I genuinely intended for the first post of 2014 to be a nostalgia-laden trip down the many ups and downs of 2013 but there’s no point in doing that. I know what happened and I know what it’s made me: I am more myself now than I have ever been. I feel right. I’ve got a lot of work ahead of me and it’s not all going to fall in to place in the space of one year but I intend to make a good dent in it. There’s no better time to start than now: the past is what I’m learning from, the present is where I’m making the future and you know – I kinda like where I’m headed.

Johnny Cash


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