Vote for your Favourite TV Christmas Special

Ahead of our big bright cinnamon-spiced tinsel-filled jingly bells with big dangly baubles Christmas blog post series starting on 13th December, we’re looking to get your opinion on your favourite TV Christmas Special.

It’s somewhat of a tradition for the British population to scan the bumper edition of the Radio Times with a highlighter in one hand and a mince pie in the other, searching for the tasty TV treats that we’re going to watch or record as we fester on the sofa stuffed full of three day old turkey. Now with the advent of Sky TV and other such providers we no longer need to watch one channel whilst the VHS records the other one, but there’s something intrinsically British about the Christmas special. Whether it’s Norman & Wise from once upon a time or now the Downton special, we all have our favourites that we have to watch. Similarly, those that don’t appear as often on TV anymore always find themselves dusted off the DVD shelf for one more watch a la The Royle Family.

We’ll be looking at the TV Christmas Special as part of the blog series, and we’d like to know what the popular choice is for Christmas tea time. Choose one favourite from the poll below and if there’s any we’ve missed – let us know!

The Royle Family


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