Dad’s Army

There are few things in life that your parents can’t teach you, and invariably these are the obstacles in life that only you can overcome yourself. The rest is – whether they know it or not – influenced by the support, guidance and parentage your Mom and Dad.

True, commercialism dictates that we must acknowledge our parents once a year on Mother’s and Father’s Day but it has to be said that though we may call it ‘another day for the card companies’, in hindsight I probably don’t give my Mom and Dad the recognition they deserve. I live 30-something miles away from Birmingham now and often full-time work and home life can often mean I go days without speaking to family before having to remind them I am still alive!

I owe a great amount to my Dad that I’ll never be able to re-pay. My Dad worked tirelessly to provide for our family, working nearly 6 days a week and long, tiring hours. On weekends he was always ensuring that the house was up to scratch, so too the Vauxhall Cavalier or the many vans that made their way on to our drive (though in true Dad fashion, some DIY jobs remained unfinished for awhile, but hey – it was started, right?). Amongst all this, my Dad never took a day off sick and always devoted his time to us – football matches, evening training sessions, and for the dramatic amongst us (me), chauffeuring to and from drama rehearsals and nightly performances half-way across Birmingham, spending an incalculable amount on fees. He has never once questioned our decisions and has only ever been there to support, encourage and guide us to where we want to go.

And it goes without saying that no man is half what he is without the woman beside him. My Mom, the silent rock of the family, plays the Hugh to his Laurie and together they have imbued a real sense of family for over 30 years now – and I’m truly honoured that I get to marry the love of my life on the same day that they celebrate 30 years together.

My Dad has always said to me that, when you become a Father or Father figure yourself, you always try and do a little better for your kids and give them what you didn’t have but in truth, if I could provide as much as my Dad has for me and be half the man that he is, I’d be more than happy with that.

Happy Father’s Day, Dad.


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