Blood, Boobs & Epic Battles: An Analysis of the T-Volution

The television set has long been the focal point of family life since it’s introduction to the living room in the post-World War II era. Joey Tribbiani highlighted it’s importance in Friends, when he remarked, “You don’t own a TV? What’s all your furniture pointed at?”. And it’s true: the feng shui of our living room, the center of our universe becomes the ‘tube’ which, whilst humbly beginning as a literal tube, has now transformed into a 60 inch LCD Ultra 4K HD 1080p curved television that gives you the ultimate home cinema experience.


But no matter how quality the image or expensive the name, it’s the content that really matters. Since it’s introduction to the British household in the 1950’s, television has transformed from one free channel to sixty freeview television channels including 25 radio stations. Shows such as soaps, news and topical programmes have been the staple of the TV diet since it’s inception, but over the past decade into 2016 the landscape of television has changed dramatically. Shows have reduced their episode length per series, huge movie stars are turning to TV and, as the title says, there’s more blood, boobs and epic battles than you can shake a pair of boobs at.

There’s such a rich and diverse history in television that it would take more than one blog to tell, and so over the next ten weeks we’ll give you a beat-by-beat of the world of television, from it’s history to it’s future in the landscape of narrative and it’s ability to be the purveyor of first-class storytelling.

Episode One: A Brief History of Television

Episode Two: The X-Files and the ’90’s Television Boom

Episode Three: The Noughties & The Rise of the Antagonistic Protagonist

Episode Four: The Bandwagon Boom

Episode Five: From Big Screen to Small Screen

Episode Six: Blood, Boobs & Epic Battles

Episode Seven: From Film to TV

Episode Eight: Format

Episode Nine: TV at your Fingertips

Episode Ten: To Be Continued…

Special Features: Case Study – Banshee


Join us, for the T-Volution.



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